Flooring: Rubber Mesh Mat

Although there are lots of flooring options to choose from, manufacturers and their genius scientists and inventors work nonstop in creating a perfect flooring option according to the aesthetics of a place, design, price, and purpose. From vast colors to choose from, from laminate flooring to tiles to marbles, one can truly go gaga on what flooring option to choose from. A not so new flooring material is the rubber mesh mat is one of the flooring innovation in today’s time.

Rubber mesh mat is an excellent option in the areas like gyms, kitchens, outdoor patios, kids playrooms, basements, garages, laundry rooms, theaters and commercial gyms especially those with high traffic of people or prone to accidents caused by liquid and moisture. The anti-slip characteristic of flexible mesh mat prevents slips and accidents brought by unintentional water spillage especially in the manufacturing sector.

Flooring: Rubber Mesh Mat

Rubber mesh mat is flooring option ideal for workshop areas because it is easier on feet than a concrete floor because the rubber mesh material is flexible. The mesh makes it hard to move tools with casters around the workshop. If the work area gets wet, the water will drain through the holes and the surface will be less slippery than a flat surface is of the advantage to the open grid. Upon installation, each of the squares locks together with pins. Learn more comparison of the effects of floor mats and shoe in-soles.

Mesh Mat Features

The mesh mat grating is anti-slip, lightweight, strong and durable making it the best possible option for a wide variety of applications and environments. The mesh mat is much lighter than concrete. This flooring material allows for remarkable savings on installation time since it can be done by the homeowner itself as a do-it-your-own project, transport costs are less and labor cost is far less compared to tiles or concrete flooring.