Brighten Rooms with Natural Light

After spending thousands of dollars on your home improvement project you finally get to see the final outcome but lo and behold, after the dust has settled, you realize that one very important thing is lacking – natural light. How can you lighten up a dark room without ruining its aesthetics? You see, no matter how beautiful your interiors are if the lighting is bad it will obscure the beauty of the room. Hence, in every home improvement project, lighting should be on top of the priority list.

Apart from aesthetics, natural light can greatly affect your mood. According to science, visible light is linked to digestion and sleeping pattern that’s because it helps regulate your body’s ability to produce melatonin, which plays a role in regulating your body clock. Another advantage of visible light is that it increases your body’s ability to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate your mood and has been found to alleviate symptoms of depression.For more information about the health effects of lighting at

But what can you do when your home improvement project is already complete and you’ve already spent money on renovation? Are you going to do it all over again and call your interior designer to improve the lighting of your room? However, this would mean another fee. Are you willing to shell out more money just to brighten up your space? If you are looking for cost-effective ways to bring natural light inside your room, we can show you how:

Invest In Different Light Sources

Unfortunately, you can’t light up a room by simply relying on windows and paint. You’ll need various sources of lighting fixtures that are strategically positioned in different areas of your living space to ensure that they illuminate the entire room. One overhead light is not enough especially if you have a big room. You can place one lamp in one end table and another floor lamp on the other side to ensure that all areas of your room are well lighted.

Don’t Choose Dark Colored Furniture

Dark-colored furniture pieces will make your living space look cramped especially if your walls are painted in dark hues. The beauty of dark-colored furniture will only be emphasized if you have brightly painted walls; otherwise, we recommend you choose transparent furniture as your home accents. If your room is already dark and you use dark furniture it will only make it look darker.

Brighten Rooms with Natural Light

Create Appropriate Spacing For Your Furniture

We understand that you’ve already bought home decors way ahead prior to starting your home improvement project but if you went overboard with your shopping we recommend you space your furniture right to give room for light to pass.

Your Ceiling Should Be White

Most ceilings are painted white anyway so you shouldn’t worry too much about this but if yours isn’t and if the lighting fixtures are not enough to brighten the room then you probably should consider best roofing company in naples fl for your ceiling renovation.

Don’t Block Your Windows

Position tables, chairs bookshelves, and couches away from your window so that natural light can stream inside. Clear the way so that the sun can naturally brighten your room. Push your curtains to the side and tie them up during the daytime.


The next time you plan to do a home improvement project, make sure you consider lighting. Lighting up your home will put emphasis on the beauty of your interiors and decors plus it’s actually good for you since it improves your mood.