What to Know About Floating Hardwood Floors

What to Know About Floating Hardwood Floors

Both floating hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring are similar and actually floats on the supplementary floor. Using the snap and lock technique is how this flooring material is installed. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the floating floor planks are connected to each other. Almost identical to plywood, dependable floating floor consists of 3-7 layers of wood making it amazingly firm and sturdy.

Two variations of floating hardwood floors manufacturing procedure

  1. Sliced Cut Veneer – The hardwood layer is sliced like typical timber that displays finer graining in this method. This method is doesn’t come cheap.  However, it displays the true look of wood graining which is a great advantage.
  2. Rotary Cut Veneer – The hardwood is skinned from the log with the aid of big lathes in this method. This method shows an untamed graining to the floating floor.
  3. Wood Pallets – There are lots of different wood pallets that have some beautiful epoxy designs and look gorgeous, all from a restored pallet. Click the link above to see the hottest wood pallet trends of 2018.


  • This material can be installed even in the basement where there are chances for a high moisture atmosphere and it is also extremely resistant to moisture.
  • In any area of the home, floating floor can be installed. Available in a comprehensive range of colors, patterns, and designs for this flooring material.
  • It can be repaired and professionally sanded over the lifespan of the floor but will depend on the thickness of the flooring.
  • As it can be smoothly installed as DIY project, this flooring material saves the time and difficulty to find an installer.
  • Establish longevity and lasts a lifetime are some characteristics of floating floor. With its tongue and groove procedure, it is very easy to install. Expect exclusion of gaps in between as this procedure gives a secure and tight fit for the flooring. Get more about on floating hardwood floors https://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.Floating-Floor-Hardwood-without-the-Hassle.14675.html
  • After its form that consists of 7 layers of wood, this flooring material is exceedingly sturdy and strong.
  • In areas where there are enormous humidity changes as it can expand and contract easily, this is an ideal for use material.
  • Using the tongue and groove procedure or glue making it a solitary unit,  the floating floorboards are connected to each other. So enlargement or shrinkage occurs on the floor.
What to Know About Floating Hardwood Floors


  • As it floats on the secondary floor, this flooring material is similarly thinner and lighter.
  • The value of your property tends to lessen when resold compared to common hardwood installed through mortared or nailed tile.